information & pricing


Below are options I offer for designers, architects, builders and real estate agents.

For commercial photo needs, please contact me for custom quotes to fit your needs.

 real estate photos


real estate photo Pricing


between 1000-2000sf - $125

between 2000-3000sf - $150

homes over 3000sf - $200

homes over 4000sf - $300

homes over 5000sf - $400

for houses over 6000sf please contact me for custom quotes.

exterior re-shoot - $75


Twilight photos

Want to stand out from the crowd?  Schedule your Twilight photo session today!  Houses that have a lot of windows, and/or amazing architecture look incredible when they are all lit up at sunset/sunrise.

 Twilight/Sunrise photos (1-2 exterior images) - $125


Aerial Photos

Not available in all locations

Aerial photos can really show off a property. If the property has acreage or is on or near lakes or rivers, having aerial photos will help show off those features.

Aerial photos - $100


Please make sure the property is ready to photograph at your scheduled appointment time.  In the event the home is not ready to be photographed due to a contractor or homeowner delay a $75 trip charge will be added to the final invoice.  Please note I do not move owners belongings around without their permission or them being present at the property.

Next day delivery on all options
Prices reflect 25 mile radius from Grand Rapids. Travel fees will apply beyond 25 miles.



custom photos


custom photo Pricing

Creating photos for designers, architects and builders is completely different than photographing houses for real estate listings. I will work with you and your team to create custom images that showcase your work. These images are going to be used on your websites and marketing and need to be the highest quality as well as staged and styled to perfection.

We will shoot directly to a computer so we can view the photos and then make any adjustments we need until we get the perfect shot. These shoots take time but in the end you end up with custom images created just for you. You’ll receive wide, overall shots as well as detail shots that highlight your designs, colors and textures.

Want some photos of you staging your designs? No problem! We can get some action shots of your clients enjoying their new spaces as well.

Do your contractors need photos too? Just add 25% to the final total for each additional party involved and everyone can split the cost.

Before each scheduled shoot I will come to the property to create a shot list at no cost. Some larger projects might require multiple days. Fo those projects I will put together a custom quote.


Option 1 $495

This is the perfect deal to showcase one room like a newly renovated bedroom or office.


Option 2 $795

This is the best option when there are 2-3 spaces you want photographed.


Option 3 $1195

This option is perfect for high end homes or communities where the entire project needs to be photographed. This is for one full day of shooting.



 Commercial property photoshoots require planning to put together a quote. Please contact me to discuss your projects.